New features added in Microsoft windows 10 April Update

New features added in Microsoft windows 10 April Update

After upgrading from windows 7 and windows 8 & 8.1 to windows 10, Microsoft releases several features updates to Windows 10. Windows 10’s April 2018 Update (version 1803) is the next major release bearing codename Redstone 4 is set to deliver a new wave of features and improvements. Although we’re still days away from the final release, there has been a number of previews unveiling the changes coming to the platform. In this article we will get information on newly added features in Windows 10 Spring fall creators update (Win 10 April Update). So, Let’s Start!

Start menu includes Reveal highlight

In this new update, the Start menu includes Reveal highlight, which is an interactive visualization that brings illumination to display hidden borders, helps you navigate, and interact with an app. Microsoft is adding the Reveal effects and acrylic in Start menu and other areas. The changes are mostly based on user feedback and this time it is easily noticeable across the platform. In addition, the “Documents” and “Pictures” buttons will now appear pinned in the left rail by default.

Action Centre now supports a two-finger touch gesture

This version windows 10 release with action centre supported with two-finger gesture to dismiss all notifications. In addition, “Clear all” text has been replaced for “Clear all notifications” to make clearer the action of the button.

The timeline snapshots are displayed as cards, and the interface is quite easy to operate

Timeline basically allows users to pick up from where they left off on a different Windows device, and you can resume any activity from an earlier snapshot. Timeline is an expansion of Task View, and it’s a feature that allows you to find and resume activities you were working in the past. Possibly, it may be the most anticipated new feature for power users is Timeline. It’s a visual timeline that is directly integrated into Task View. You can move back into the activities of files and apps you were using in the past – up to thirty days’ worth. You can access it by hitting Windows Key + Tab or by clicking the icon next to the Cortana Search box on the Taskbar. Basically, Timeline enhances Task View allowing you to pick up where you left off any activities in the last 30 days, as well as activities on apps that are currently running on your computer.

Now we can share Microsoft Edge links to a different computer with the nearby feature.

In this update, you’ll also find a new feature called Nearby Sharing that allows you to share any type of files and web links with minimal efforts wirelessly to nearby devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. It is supposed to improve the sharing feature between the Windows 10 devices. When both of the devices are running on latest version of Windows 10, the users can share and receive files over the Bluetooth connection only, as Wi-Fi support is not offered yet. You can share Microsoft Edge links to a different computer with the nearby feature.
“Focus Assist” which helps you stay focused on a project you’re working on.

Focus Assist is another interesting feature added in this version. With these settings, you can now focus more on your work without getting distracted by the notifications. Select the time and schedule a few Quiet Hours on your machine when you will not get any notifications. Also, you can select a few apps and important contacts you want the notifications from. For example, if you’re working on an important spreadsheet or giving a presentation, you don’t need to be distracted by a notification from a social media app about what your friend or colleague had for lunch. But it’s not just for productivity. Maybe you’re playing a favourite game and don’t want to be distracted by notifications.

Cortana, your virtual assistant, become more personalized now.
Cortana has been updated to help you focus on activities and help you pick up where you left off between sessions. It has a streamlined Notebook and additional skills. Cortana Collection which lets Cortana learn more things about you and help you accordingly. You can select your favourite restaurants, books, TV shows, etc. and put them into the Organizer.
Click the edit button on the right will open the new profile page where you to add and edit favorite places. The places you add will be use to give you traffic updates, and let you easily set reminders when you arrive or leave your location.
Edge Browser become more advanced
Microsoft’s default browser Edge gets many new features with the latest update including the autofill cards, developer toolbar, enhanced reading view, clutter-free printing, improved hub view, etc. Every time you fill a web form in Edge, the browser will prompt to save the information and let you use it as your Autofill Card. The browser finally includes an option to mute tab that makes sound by clicking the speaker icon or right-clicking the tab.
While the April Update is brought out to us numerous new features and bug fixes, there are also some features that have been deprecated or discontinued.  It should be noted that this article focuses on features for consumers, as Microsoft is also adding other features aimed for enterprises, which are added shortly. Thank you !
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